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Introducing Pier Capital Fund I
Pier Capital Fund (PCF I) is a $50 million asset backed, personally guaranteed, private, real estate lending fund. The managing partners have been lending, acquiring, rehabbing, and selling real estate in urban, suburban, and marginalized communities, for over 50 years. Pier Capital Fund I is geared towards allowing borrowers to cut through the red tape and initiate revitalization of real estate, to drive social and economic impact. The outcome is an increase in real estate values & community pride, attraction of new businesses, investors, developers, job growth & income, improved education & public amenities, and an overall safer community.

PCP Social and Economic Impact.jpg

In years past, marginalized communities have not been a priority. As of late, due to the ESG/DEI initiatives from publicly traded companies, it has become a mandate to address the inequities in marginalized communities, nationwide. The expertise and success of the managing partners, in conjunction with the ESG/DEI initiatives, merges our vision and allows us to think on a grand scale. Rather than multiple SFR and small MFR projects, we will be able to fund the revitalization and construction of entire single-family subdivisions and multifamily complexes, across states we currently serve AZ, FL, GA, IL, MD, MI, NC, OH, and TX.

The fund seeks to originate superior, low risk loans, to maximize returns, while protecting assets against market volatility and any borrower nonperformance.

Pier Capital Fund I Offering Powerpoint

With up to $50 Million for asset backed lending, Pier Capital Group, LLC is allowing investors to drive economic and social impact! Download our offering powerpoint below!


We have put great thought into aligning our interests with those of our investors and, we believe, that the structure of the Fund coupled with the experience of our team, will serve investors well.
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